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Extending Real-Time Shared Editing for Use with Other Editors

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With ECF 2.0.0 and the Docshare Plugin, ECF introduces Real-Time Shared Editing to Ganymede.

By default, ECF supports doing shared editing with the JDT Java source code editor, and/or the plain old texteditor.

It's quite possible, and even easy, however to support using ECF real-time shared editing and synchronization with other types of text editors...for supporting editing source code for other lanaguages (e.g. php, C/C++, javascript, xml editors, others) as well as other types of text documents (properties editors, manifest/meta-data editors, etc.).

Below is a short explanation of how ECF supports doing real-time shared editing for the Java source code editor and the default text editor, and short description of how ECF real-time shared editing can be added to other text editors.