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Examples/Image Utilities

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The ImageUtils example contains views and other components that add support for previewing and manipulating images (though currently only preview is provided).

Image Preview view

The image viewer plug-ins, curiously enough, displays an image derived from the current selection in the Eclipse workbench. The image below shows the image viewer in action.


In this example, the contents of the image file selected in the Package Explorer is displayed. The plug-in is designed to be to display images for arbitrary selections. In fact, the image viewer is actually two plug-ins. The base plug-in, org.eclipse.examples.imageutils.viewer.ui, provides the view and the basic infrastructure required to display the image. The other plug-in, org.eclipse.examples.imagesutils.viewer.files, contains code that provides an image for a selected file. Other types of selected objects can contribute images by providing their additional plug-ins similar to this one.

Set up

The source code is available through the Eclipse Git server:

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