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Every Detail Matters/Great Fix

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Work in progress

What constitutes a great fix? Take a look at the list and see for yourself some examples of what the developers think are great fixes. Roughly speaking, we’re looking for bugs that affect one of the Mars projects that has a significant impact on the community (e.g. something in the Platform that impacts many extenders, or something to do with the integration of two or more different projects).

What's at stake? Why the future of the developer's platform, of course! More seriously, there will be prizes. More later.

Anatomy of a Great Fix

  • Detailed discussion via bug comments
  • Code contribution via the mechanism described by the project (e.g. Gerrit)
    • Code conforms to the the style prescribed by the project
    • Updates and additions to unit tests included

Where do I start?

Identify a great bug that needs a great fix, e.g.:

Sort out how to contribute, e.g.:



Work in progress

  • Host regular (monthly) "bug day" leading up to the Mars release
  • Project committers will mark bugs they deem worthy with the "greatfix" keyword
  • "Developer Platform Vision" committee will rank the "greatfix" bugs
  • Winners will be announced on Mars GA day!
  • Prizes are awarded to both the contributor and the committer (accepting fixes is hard work too!)

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