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* [[Committer_Contributor_Hangouts/july_11|  July 11]]
* [[Committer_Contributor_Hangouts/july_11|  July 11]]
* [[Committer_Contributor_Hangouts/july_25| July 25]]
* [[Committer_Contributor_Hangouts/july_25| July 25]]
* [[Committer_Contributor_Hangouts/may_30| August 8]]
* [[Committer_Contributor_Hangouts/august_8| August 8]]
* [[Committer_Contributor_Hangouts/june_13| August 22]]
* [[Committer_Contributor_Hangouts/august_22| August 22]]
* [[Committer_Contributor_Hangouts/june_27| September 5]]
* [[Committer_Contributor_Hangouts/september_5| September 5]]
* [[Committer_Contributor_Hangouts/july_11|  September 19]]
* [[Committer_Contributor_Hangouts/september_19|  September 19]]

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These are very informal Google Hangouts. The intention to connect and help committers/contributors in any way we can but also to hear back from you.

The general format will be a quick slide/presentation from either ourselves or members in the community. After that we'll open the floor to questions.

We will be recording and posting these events. So if you miss one, you can catch up on it at your convenience. We'll also be making any presentations available on the wiki page for the date of the hangout.

  • Please note that you will only be able to watch the Hangout; not join. Given

the small limit of connections (10), this will ensure fairness for everyone.



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