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=Related Information=
=Related Information=
* [[Campus|Eclipse on Campus/University Outreach]]
* [[Campus|Eclipse on Campus/University Outreach]]
* [[Getting Involved with the Community]][ .]
* [[Getting Involved with the Community]]
* [[Google Summer of Code]]
* [[Google Summer of Code]]

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Eclipse Evangelism Page

This is the place to start for useful resources for all your evangelism needs. If there is something that you need but can't find, or if you need a speaker for one of your events, please contact


The Eclipse Resources page is a good place to find presentations and other helpful information to assist with your evangelism needs.


News Letters

Related Information

Page Rules

While this page is intended to be modified by the community, it is moderated by the EMO to ensure that the content is appropriate community evangelism-related purposes. Feel free to add links to resources that you feel may be valuable for evangelism purposes. Note that any content that you provide should be in a modifiable format and licensed so that others may modify the content.

Please use the Events Calendar to list your events.

This page is moderated by the EMO.

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