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{| border="1" align="center" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"
{| border="1" align="center" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"
! Project !! Project Lead(s) !!  Release Eng'g<b style="color:darkgreen">*</b> !! Offset || Status !! RC URL || R URL
! Project !! Project Lead(s) !!  Release Eng'g !! Offset || Status !! RC URL || R URL
| [http://www.eclipse.org/ajdt AJDT] || Matt Chapman || || +1 || || ||
| [http://www.eclipse.org/ajdt AJDT] || Matt Chapman || || +1 || || ||

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This page is a Proposal to improve communication during the Europa Final Daze period for Europa Winter Maintenance in late February 2008.

To ease readability & usability, please use consistent status codes such as these, or add more as required.


  • Built: RC build is done, but is still being tested or not all artefacts exist yet
  • Done: RC build is done (all publishable zips + update site jars) and available on a staging mirror (eg., build.eclipse.org or fullmoon.*.ibm.com)
  • Promoted (published): build is done, promoted (available on download.eclipse.org), and ready to be renamed to R
  • IMPORTANT: Please provide URLs for both RC and R builds so everyone knows what is nearly final and what will be final after the rename
  • Released (renamed): RC build is done, promoted, and renamed to its final R name


See Maintenance Schedule


Project Project Lead(s) Release Eng'g Offset Status RC URL R URL
AJDT Matt Chapman +1
BIRT Wenfeng Li Xiaoying Gu +2
Buckminster Thomas Hallgren +2
CDT Doug Schaefer +1
DLTK Andrey Platov Andrey Platov +1
DSDP DD Doug Gaff Ted Williams +2
DSDP TM Martin Oberhuber +2
(Connectivity, Enablement,
Model Base, SQL Tools)
John Graham +1
ECF Scott Lewis +1
(Equinox, Platform,
Philippe Mulet Kim Moir,
Sonia Dimitrov
Dash (Eclipse Monkey) Paul Colton Ingo Muschenetz +2
EMF, EMF-QTV (Query,
Transaction, Validation)
Ed Merks,
Christian Damus
Nick Boldt +1
M2T (JET) Paul Elder +1
GEF Anthony Hunter +1
GMF Richard Gronback +2
MDT Kenn Hussey Nick Boldt +2
Mylyn progress Mik Kersten +1
STP Oisín Hurley +2
(Monitoring, Performance,
Platform, Test)
Sri Doddapaneni Hubert Leung +2
Web Tools Platform (WTP)


David Williams
Naci Dai
Raghunathan Srinivasan
Neil Hauge

David Williams +2