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Other references
Other references
* [[Equinox p2 UI Plan]]
* [[Equinox p2 UI Plan]]
* [[Equinox p2 Update Manager and p2 Compatibility]]
* [[Equinox p2 Update_Manager_and_p2_Compatibility]]
== Discussion Topics ==
== Discussion Topics ==

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p2 UI Walkthrough Eclipse UI Best Practices Working Group 6/25/2008


The discussion will be the most productive if the participants are already familiar with both the Eclipse Update Manager UI and the p2 UI.

  • Equinox p2 UM workflows shows the scenarios in the Eclipse Update Manager that were used to set goals for improving the user experience.
  • Equinox p2 User Interface shows the same scenarios in the new p2 UI and compares aspects of the design to the UM design.

Other references

Discussion Topics

  • Are we ready to tweak/fix problems in the current UI or do we need to step back and reexamine the overall organization and metaphor?
    • Is "browsing" vs. task-oriented "search" wizard a better metaphor for finding content (esp. given performance issues, user wait time)?
    • Does eliminating modality improve the metaphor?
    • Is the juxtaposition of "installed" and "available" working?
  • Big problem areas and possible solutions
    • Too much repo management forced on user
      • Presentation of large numbers of repositories for browsing
      • Selection of repositories for updating (solution might be to do smart picking for the user)
    • Unfolding of detail for installation contents
      • Is a tree view the best presentation for selectively exposing detail about the installed software?
  • Specific UI improvements that could be made (style-guide type issues: wording, button organization, etc.)
  • Other update UIs that are done well

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