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Equinox p2 Metadata Generator

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The p2 metadata generator is a utility tool who generates metadata and artifact repositories from a given input

Describing the input

  • -source the path to a folder containing plugins and folders
  • -updateSite
  • -config
  • -exe
  • -launcherConfig
  • -features
  • -bundles
  • -base
  • -p2.os
  • -site

Describing the output

  • -metadataRepository, the URL to a writtable metadata repository that will contain the produced installable units
  • -artifactRepository, the URL to a writtable artifact repository that will contain the produced artifacts
  • -publishArtifacts, flag indicating whether the artifacts should be published to the repository. When this flag is not set, the actual bytes underlying the artifact will not be copied, but the repository index will be created. When this option is not specified, it is recommended to set the artifactRepository to be in the same location than the source (-source)
  • -publishArtifactRepository
  • -append, flag indicating that repositories will be appended to
  • -root The name of the IU referring to all the IUs that have been added to the repo during the run.
  • -rootVersion The version of the IU
  • -flavor, the flavor associated with the configuration units generated. (This will be removed for 1.0)
  • -inplace
  • -noDefaultIUs
  • -compress, cause the repositories to store their index in compressed form

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