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Equinox p2 Metadata Generator

Revision as of 11:40, 24 January 2008 by Pascal (Talk | contribs) (Describing the output)

The p2 metadata generator is a utility tool who generates metadata and artifact repositories from a given input

Describing the input

  • -source the path to a folder containing plugins and folders
  • -updateSite
  • -config
  • -exe
  • -launcherConfig
  • -features
  • -bundles
  • -base
  • -p2.os
  • -site

Describing the output

  • -metadataRepository, the URL to a writtable metadata repository that will contain the produced installable units
  • -artifactRepository, the URL to a writtable artifact repository that will contain the produced artifacts
  • -publishArtifacts, flag indicating whether the artifacts should be published to the repository. (Need to see if this works)
  • -publishArtifactRepository
  • -append, flag indicating that repositories will be appended to
  • -root The name of the IU referring to all the IUs that have been added to the repo during the run.
  • -rootVersion The version of the IU
  • -flavor, the flavor associated with the configuration units generated. (This will be removed for 1.0)
  • -inplace
  • -noDefaultIUs
  • -compress, cause the repositories to store their index in compressed form

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