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Equinox Testing - 3.3

Test Machines

  • MacOSx - Pascal
  • Linux (RedHat) - DJ
  • Linux (Suse) - Andrew
  • Windows XP - Oleg, Simon
  • Windows Vista - John


Application Model

Extension Registry

  • dynamic contributions


  • command-line args
  • specifying a splash (both in a jar and not)
  • specifying a library
  • failure cases
  • mutliple versions of the launcher JAR (exe search algorithm)
  • headless mode with the exe (no dialogs)


  • Running the JAR
  • configuring the JAR


  • Test on other servers (test bridge)
  • Extension Registry and JSPs
  • Test pieces used with other compatible components


  • We have a bunch of bundles which claim to be able to run outside of OSGi and we should have tests to verify that.


  • Test Ant (wrapper bundles)


  • There is a good demo from EclipseCon 2007.
  • Bundle/Plug-in export.
  • Headless builds.
    • Reproduce product export.
  • Packager
  • Plug-in/Fragment classpaths
  • Extensible API
  • Cycle detection

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