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Equinox Summit 2007 topics

  • Jeff McAffer
    • More contributions. This might be a meta-topic but there are likely tangible steps that the current team can take to be more open to new contributions.
    • Security directions. We have new contributions for JAAS, JCA, Keystore etc. Lets talk about where this work will take us
    • Services. Prosyst has contributed several new services recently. We should review these with an eye to graduating and integrating them into the main stream.
    • PDE build. How can we make it better (incremental, easier to setup, ...) and how will the provisioning work impact build.
  • Chris Aniszczyk
    • PDE Build. How can we tool PDE Build... in terms of having an easy way to get a user started with an automated build. Similar to how PDE provides a .product file for helping build/package RCP applications, maybe we need something similar for an automated build.
    • PDE and "Components." PDE has notions of groups of plug-ins in various places... (target definitions, product files, features, etc...) does it make sense to abstract this concept out a bit so it can be reused by other places.
    • PDE and Provisioning. How will tooling for provisioning work, what happens to features and update sites?
    • PDE Build and Incremental Build. How do we make PDE Build do incremental build? How does this intersect with provisioning?
  • Scott Lewis
    • Security: Authentication and platform login. Integration of JAAS. Extension points and services for extensibility? see
    • Bundle distribution: How to allow component-level (groups of plugins, with various dependencies) be easily distributed/installed? How do (bundle) repositories (e.g. OBR, JSR-something) fit in?
    • Related to bundle distribution: How to support EF project component distribution (without features).
    • Accessing PDE programmatically: Need PDE APIs...e.g.
  • Pascal Rapicault
    • Explore the intersection of the equinox provisioning and security work. Is the intersection secure provisioning, what does that mean, does it need to be built-in?
    • What integration are we seeking between PDE (UI/Build) and equinox provisioning?
    • Looking forward with PDE Build, should we just build in the workspace?
    • Making multi-user / shared install scenarios first class in the new provisioning story
  • Stefan Liebig
    • Incorporating of post processing steps. With the introduction of post processing (e.g. unpack200, deltas) an artifact key is no longer a unique id for picking an artifact. There might be multiple artifact descriptors all with the same artifact key but different post processing. How does this affect artifact repository, download manager,..?
    • Logging. Logging is an essential tool for checking the health of deployed applications and tracking down problems. There are a lot of attempts in this area. Is there a preferred solution in sight?
    • Security and provisioning. Authentication and authorization (JAAS) are necessary for a controlled provisioning (governance). Trusted connections to ´update sites´ (client trusts server/server trusts client) are a requirement for secure applications (banking/finance). How does that impact provisioning?

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