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Equinox Startup Issues

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As per bug 173742, some users are having issues when surrounding the move of the startup.jar from the root of the Eclipse install to the plugins/ directory. The purpose of this page is to outline the reasons for the move, the problems that people are having, and proposed solutions to these problems.


One of the major downfalls of the Eclipse Update story is that it is not completely updateable; users are not able to use update manager to update between major releases. This was because the startup.jar was not a real bundle and not versioned. By moving the startup.jar code to the plugins/ directory and making it a bundle, the update manager can now update this code in future releases of Eclipse.

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This work was previously outlined in Equinox Launcher and Equinox Launcher Plan as well as in messages sent to the mailing lists and outlined weekly in the Eclipse Architecture Meeting Minutes. It was first released to the Eclipse SDK builds in the first integration build after Eclipse 3.3 M4. (the integration build from December 19, 2006)


Clients which scripts which started Eclipse directly from Java (java -jar startup.jar) must now be altered to point to the new JAR location.

Proposed Solutions

Bring back the old startup.jar

Revert from having a launcher bundle to having a startup.jar in the install root.

Create a new startup.jar

Write a new startup.jar which looks for the launcher bundle in the plugins/ directory and then calls it.

Do nothing

The story going forward would be that people who have products based on Eclipse and are starting Eclipse via Java directly would have to either modify their scripts to point to the correct launcher JAR or copy the launcher JAR to the Eclipse install root and rename it to be startup.jar.

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