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Equinox Planning - 3.3

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Equinox Planning - 3.3

  • Declarative Services
    • Implementation
    • Tooling
  • Update Manager
    • The update manager code ownership is migrating from Toronto to Ottawa. We need to keep on top of bug reports and current problems to ensure that nothing slips by for 3.2.1.
    • We need to investigate refactoring the JarProcessor code. It was put into the Update bundles at the end of the 3.2 cycle but is more generally useful.
  • Provisioning
    • Prototype
    • Investigate MEG
    • How to deliver Eclipse?
      • Small installer download?
      • Dynamic web content that builds zip?
  • PDE/Build
    • Continue investigation into inter-operability with Maven
  • Component Model
    • The programming model.
    • Investigate Spring, DS, etc.
    • We want to get people off the Platform class.
    • Need to have something easy for people to use when they migrate their code.
  • Framework (refactor/etc)
  • Security
  • Launching
    • Splash Screen
    • fast workspace switching (currently we don't have any lifecycle events for location areas)
  • Preferences
    • API fixes
    • use everywhere - get people to adapt and get off the old JFace and Runtime prefs code
    • should we create more scopes?
    • Work on an RFC for scopes as they seem generally useful. (particularly for searching)
    • use common storage solution (described below)
  • Version Tools - We have started working on some version verification tools to help people cope with the new plug-in (and feature) version number story. Super cool goal is to complete these tools and have them integrated into the SDK. Cool goal is to have them available as either part of the Core Tools or PDE Tools.
  • Storage Service - So many different components have to serialize and they all roll their own storage solution whether it be using Properties files, ObjectOutputStreams, or another format. We should investigate a common storage service that multiple components can leverage.
  • Services/Registry
    • Lazy Tracking
    • Scalability issues for event dispatching and registry impl
  • Refactor Test Suites - we used to have one test plug-in for each plug-in in the SDK. Now that we have refactored the runtime we should also refactor the test suites to match the new bundle structure.

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