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Equinox Performance Notes

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Significant Dates in History

  • I20061107-0800 - The JARs in the SDK were signed. Previous I-build (M3 or I20061102-1715) is unsigned.
  • On or after 20070217 - The updated test framework was used in performance tests. The new one doesn't add "-dev bin". (Which is a good thing.)
  •  ?? - class loader boot delegation was changed


  • We need to ensure that JARs are signed (or not signed) in both the new tests and the baselines
  • Potential factors in UI Application startup tests
    • In 3.2 the SDK's default perspective was the Resource Perspective and in 3.3 it is the Java perspective (Note: This is NOT true...it was changed earlier. Will leave this note so we don't forget and go down this path again)
    • The Welcome screen is also opened in the UI App startup test - can we suppress this?