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Equinox Launcher Issues

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This page outlines the current situation with the equinox launcher.

JNI Launching

linux.ppc, linux.x86_64 and aix.ppc experience crashes with older vms, and therefore currently default to running java as a separate process. The following table outlines these platforms and their JNI launching status with different vms.

JNI launching Information
Platform Reference VM Other tested VMs
gtk.linux.ppc IBM-1.4.2sr7 - works IBM 1.5.0 jcldp32dev-20070105 works
IBM 1.5.0 pxp32devifx-20060124 crashes
gtk.linux.x86_64 Sun 5.0 Update 11 - not tested IBM 1.4.2 j9xa64142-20061124 works
Sun 1.5.0_09-b02 server crashes

IBM 1.4.2 j9xa64142-20060120 crashes

motif.aix.ppc IBM-1.5.0sr4 - fails

"A file or directory in the path name does not exist."