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(Resource Management Demos)
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==Resource Management Demos==
==Resource Management Demos==
This is where we have demos for our JMX resource management work.
* client/server in same VM
Check out the [[ Equinox Incubator]] for more information on our Resource Monitoring demos.
* client and server on different machines
* server on a phone
* viewing resources, prefs, vm info, registry, swt info, bundles, services
* method invocation from client to server
==Server-Side OSGi==
==Server-Side OSGi==

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API Tooling

  • generate a snapshot for a particular set of source code (JARs or bundles)
  • compare another source set with snapshot and get 3 summary pages
    • breaking changes
    • non-breaking changes
    • version number checks

OSGi Demos

We have some OSGi framework demos.

  • Application Model

Launcher Demos

Demos related to the new launcher work.

Phone Demos

Click here to check out some of the demos that the Equinox team has done for some cool phones.

Provisioning Demos

Demos related to the new provisioning story can be found here.

Resource Management Demos

Check out the [Equinox Incubator] for more information on our Resource Monitoring demos.

Server-Side OSGi

  • JSPs - there are some demos that come with Tomcat and Struts
  • Embedded in app server
  • show the dev scenario - easy to use

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