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==API Tooling==
* generate a snapshot for a particular set of source code (JARs or bundles)
* compare another source set with snapshot and get 3 summary pages
** breaking changes
** non-breaking changes
** version number checks
==OSGi Demos==
We have some OSGi framework demos.
* Application Model
==[[Equinox Phone Demos | Phone Demos]]==
Click [[Equinox Phone Demos | here]] to check out some of the demos that the Equinox team has done for some cool phones.
* Setting up the [[Equinox_Phone_Demos#Nokia_9300_Communicator | Nokia 9300 Communicator]].
* Using the [[Equinox_Phone_Demos#SavaJe | SavaJe]] phone.
==Provisioning Demos==
Demos related to the new provisioning story can be found here.
==Resource Management Demos==
This is where we have demos for our JMX resource management work.
* client/server in same VM
* client and server on different machines
* server on a phone
* viewing resources, prefs, vm info, registry, swt info, bundles, services
* method invocation from client to server
==Server-Side OSGi==
* JSPs - there are some demos that come with Tomcat and Struts
* Embedded in app server
* show the dev scenario - easy to use

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