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[edit] About the Equinox p2 Update UI

If we're doing our job right, we won't need a user's guide for end-users to figure out the update UI! Nevertheless, this page provides pointers to documentation for the Eclipse update manager.

[edit] Eclipse Help

In a running Eclipse instance, you can access help by clicking the Help menu and selecting Help Contents. In the Contents pane, navigate to Workbench User Guide -> Tasks -> Updating and installing software. Alternatively, the help is available online. The Eclipse 3.4 series (aka Ganymede) help is also available online here.

[edit] For more information

If you encounter bugs, or would like to enter enhancement requests for this work, please use the Equinox Incubator category in Bugzilla. You can add the prefix "[prov]" to the subject line of the bug report to help us with bug triage.