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Equinox/p2/UIWG Walkthrough 2

p2 UI Walkthrough Eclipse UI Best Practices Working Group 10/2/2008

The discussion will be the most productive if the participants are already familiar with the p2 UI and issues discussed at the last walkthrough (p2 UIWG First Walkthrough).

To-do's from last walkthrough

  • Work on mock-ups/proposals that address the issue of overall organization (what tasks is user doing and what do they need to see to do them?) Post to wiki when available and contact UIWG to revisit issue. Ideas include:
    • Separate installed and available view and layer them. For example, installed view that expands into view of what's available
    • Fast path for simple case (check for updates...)
    • Merge the installed/available view into one view that allows filtering

What we've done since then

Discussion topics

  • Are the personas representative (note we are not attempting to define personas during the call, but rather determine if more work is needed and how to get better input)
  • Are the conclusions reasonable
  • Are the new workflows better and for whom?

== Notes from the meeting