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Equinox/p2/Director application

The director application is a headless way of performing some of the p2 operations such as installing or uninstalling installable units. Given the appropriate metadata, this application is capable on provisioning a complete installation from scratch or simply extending your application.

Depending on the needs, this application can be executed inside or outside of the application being provisioned


Director application 
the application performing p2 operations such as install or uninstall. This application is provided by the bundle.
Provisioning operation 
an operation installing, uninstalling features.
Target product 
the installation targeted by the provisioning operation.

Running inside the target application

Provisioning from within inside In this case the provisioning operation happens from within the targeted produced that you are operating on. It is equivalent to starting up the target product and using the p2 UI to perform the equivalent operation. This means that the target application has to be in a runnable state and that it has to contain the the director application. The other drawback of this approach is that it will have caused the target application to have been run thus causing some cache files to have been created in the configuration folder (e.g. configuration/org.eclipse.osgi). This replaces the update manager command line application.

This example installs CDT into an eclipse platform. <command>

Provisioning without running the target application

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