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Equinox/p2/Ant Tasks

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General Format


The input format used by repositories in p2 Ant tasks:

<repository location="file:///Users/Pascal/Downloads/builds/transfer/files/updates/3.5-I-builds/I20090203-1200" append="true" compressed="true" 
	format="file:///Users/Pascal/Downloads/builds/transfer/files/updates/3.5-I-builds/I20090203-1200" kind="metadata" name="" remove="false" />

In general the location is always required, other attributes may not be used by individual tasks.

Attribute Type Default Description
location URI null The location of the repository
append boolean true Determines if the task should append to an existing repository or empty it first
compressed boolean true Determines if the repository should be compressed
format URI null Location of a repository to copy format from
kind "metadata" or "artifact" Both Specifies the type of the repository. Default is to add both a metadata and artifact repository
name String null The name of the repository
remove boolean false Defines if the repository be removed

Mirror Task

<p2.mirror source="file:///Users/Pascal/Downloads/builds/transfer/files/updates/3.5-I-builds/I20090203-1200">
   <repository kind="metadata" location="file:///Users/Pascal/tmp/mirrorTest9" name="RCP Repo" 
   <repository kind="artifact" location="file:///Users/Pascal/tmp/mirrorTest9" name="RCP Repo" 
   < source>
      <repository kind="artifact" location="file:///Users/"/>
   < /source>
   <iu id="" version="3.5.0.v20090202-9RA1FwwFr-TNqU7GSg_iVTQ"/>

Note: No space should precede source it is present due to a technical limitation in the wiki software

Validate Task

This task is used to validate an artifact repository using a comparator (the examples are using an md5 comparator.) A single use example:

<p2.composite.artifact.repository.validate comparatorID="org.eclipse.equinox.artifact.md5.comparator" location="file:///myfile"/>

An example task to validate multiple repositories using the same comparator:

<p2.composite.artifact.repository.validate comparatorID="org.eclipse.equinox.artifact.md5.comparator">
	<repository location="file:///myRepo"/>
	<repository location="file:///myRepo"/>

Creating a Composite Repository

The create composite repository tasks can be used to create an artifact or a metadata composite repository. The composite repository can use an existing repository as an example and match its properties using the format attribute.

<p2.composite.artifact.repository.create compressed="true" name="My new Repo" location="file:///myNewRepo"  />
<p2.composite.metadata.repository.create compressed="false" name="My new Repo" location="file:///myNewRepo" />

Or alternatively multiple repositories can be created at once.

	<repository kind="metadata" compressed="true" location="file:///myNewRepo1" format="file:///anExampleRepo" name="My New Metadata Repo" />
	<repository kind="artifact" compressed="true" location="file:///myNewRepo2" format="file:///anExampleRepo" name="My New Artifact Repo" />
		<repository location=""/>
		<repository location=""/>

Modifying the Children of a Composite Repository

It's also possible to add, or to remove children from a repository with an ant task.

To add a single child to a composite repository:

<p2.composite.artifact.repository.add location="file:///myRepo" child="file:///myChildRepo" />
<p2.composite.metadata.repository.add location="file:///myRepo" child="file:///myChildRepo" />

To remove a single child from a composite repository:

<p2.composite.artifact.repository.remove location="file:///myRepo" child="file:///myChildRepo" />
<p2.composite.metadata.repository.remove location="file:///myRepo" child="file:///myChildRepo" />

Or all children could be removed from a repository:

<p2.composite.artifact.repository.remove location="file:///myRepo" allChildren="True"/>
<p2.composite.metadata.repository.remove location="file:///myRepo" allChildren="True"/>

It's also possible add and remove children at the same time:

   <repository kind="metadata" location="file:///Users/Pascal/tmp/mirrorTest9"/>
   <repository kind="artifact" location="file:///Users/Pascal/tmp/mirrorTest9"/>
      <repository kind="metadata" location="file:///childRepo"/>
      <repository kind="artifact" location="file:///childRepo2"/>

If the append attribute of the destination is set to false then existing children are removed before other operations are performed:

	<destination kind="metadata" location="file:///Users/Pascal/tmp/mirrorTest9" append="False"/>
	<addChild kind="metadata" location="file:///childRepo"/>

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