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Equinox/p2/Admin UI Users Guide

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About the Eclipse Provisioning RCP Agent

  • If you have not yet downloaded the Eclipse Provisioning RCP agent, see Getting started with M1.
  • The agent RCP application allows you to install (and uninstall) an Eclipse 3.3 SDK using the Equinox Provisioning framework that is being developed in the Equinox Incubator.
  • The agent application itself is structured on top of the provisioning framework, so you can (purposefully or inadvertantly) modify the agent application by manipulating it within the application.
  • The UI for the RCP app is based on a provisioning admin UI that is being used by the provisioning team to manipulate the environment. It is not intended to demonstrate any actual provisioning UI would be delivered in Eclipse.
  • The workflow we are trying to demonstrate is very narrow, yet the UI is more flexible in allowing you to add/remove repositories and profiles. Failures are brittle (vague error reporting that requires you to check your .log file).

Using the Eclipse Provisioning RCP application