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Equinox p2 is a component of the Equinox project. p2 provides a provisioning platform for Eclipse-based applications. Here in the wiki you can find ongoing design and development information (e.g., How-Tos, plans, etc.). For all Equinox related wiki articles see the Equinox Article Index. For p2-specific articles, see the Equinox p2 Article Index.

Getting Started & User Guides

  • For End Users
  • For Advanced Users / Release Engineers
  • Concepts - A guide for people looking to understand what this is all about.
  • Webapp QuickStart - A quickstart to demonstrate the applicability of the provisioning work in a web application.
  • Build - A guide for building P2 from source (for commiters and contributors).
  • P2 Fragments - How to package software for RPM (and other installers, too).
  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
  • For clients of p2 API

p2 Developer Resources

  • Plan - The current plans and set of pending issues
  • User Interface - Planning documents related to development of the p2 user interface
  • Meetings - Minutes and information on the weekly public p2 planning and design call
  • Testing - Information on automated and manual testing of p2.
  • Ganymede - Historical information about p2 in the Ganymede release
  • Maintenance_process - The process followed to contribute bug fix to Maintenance builds

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