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System properties of bundle org.eclipse.equinox.ds

System Property Default Value Description
equinox.ds.debug false Turns on/off debugging of SCR
equinox.ds.print false Specifies that logged entries should be printed to the framework runtime console
equinox.ds.idle_timeout 1000 Specifies the time in milliseconds after which the SCR working thread will be temporarily terminated if the SCR has no operations to perform
equinox.ds.dbstore false Enables caching of the parsed XML documents of the component descriptions
equinox.ds.perf false Enables generating and printing logs about the time performance of the operations executed by the SCR
equinox.ds.block_timeout 30000 Specifies the maximum time in milliseconds, which is allowed to a user component's activate or bind method to take. If the method invocation has not finished, a new dispatcher thread will be launched to process the pending work of SCR
equinox.scr.dontDisposeInstances true Turns on/off disposing of component instances that are no longer used

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