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Equinox Galileo planning. Teams and community members should add work items and work areas to the pages here as input to the Galileo planning process. Note that this is intended to gather input for work that people are planning to contribute, not just things that people would like to see done. Putting your name beside something does not imply that you will do the whole task but does imply that you will put non-trivial effort into it. Items with no names beside them generally do not make it on to the final plan nor do they get done.


OSGi R4.2

  • Updates to Conditional Permission Admin service (RFC 120)
  • Service Registry Hooks (RFC 126)
  • SystemBundle (Framework) booting (RFC 132)
  • Improve Equinox support for peer and child frameworks running in the same VM. (RFC 138, still very early)

Performance and size

  • Investigate places where we can rid the framework of bulky and unnecessary abstraction layers to reduce size and improve performance (service registry abstraction, resolver abstraction etc.).
  • Make "uses" clause usable for large installs.


See the p2 planning page

Compendium and Components


  • need for the registry to support multiple locales and locale switching Code 9


  • Session and user support Code 9


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