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Equinox/Meeting Minutes/20111212

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  • Tom
  • DJ
  • Ian
  • Simon A.
  • Pascal


  • Integration responsibility for p2
  • New OSGi VersionRange and pre-release Versions
  • Last meeting of the year

Integration for p2

  • Ian will continue the integration merge for p2
  • Ian described some issues with integration build last week.


  • Tom describes the new VersionRange and the new functionality of the OSGi Version to allow pre-release qualfiers.
  • p2 will need to be updated to understand the new Version syntax for pre-release
  • The equinox resolver needs updated since it has its own VersionRange class

Project Leadership

  • Some discussion on the leadership roles of the project.
  • What are the responsibility of the project leads
    • Boring bug triage and monitoring or something else.
    • Pascal discusses how to keep things interesting from his point of view and how to keep motivated.
  • Will discuss more in the new year.