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In late July 2008 the Equinox project moved from the Eclipse project to the RT project. All of the graduated equinox projects have moved to the new RT CVS repository. The Equinox incubator still has not moved. This page documents the migration of the various components of the Equinox incubator to the RT CVS repository.

CVS Projects

The bug 258483 was opened to gather the list of projects that we would like to move over the the RT Equinox incubator. The old Eclipse Equinox incubator repository has a lot of stale and abandoned projects. We only want to migrate the projects to the RT Equinox incubator that are active and still have interest from the community.

The following table maps existing Equinox incubator projects to their new location in the RT CVS repository. We must copy all history over to the new location in RT and keep all old tags in the old Eclipse repository. Once all projects have been copied with history over to the RT project then we will delete the HEAD content from the old eclipse repository and place a readme file in each project indicating the new RT location. We must also preserve all existing committer access rights to the projects that get copied to the new RT location. We do not want to introduce a more fine level of access control to the equinox incubator projects.

Here is a summary of the changes

  • All projects must keep their same committer unix group access (e.g. rt.equinox.incubator)
  • No new committer access groups are to be created.
  • All projects will be placed in a subfolder of org.eclipse.equinox called incubator
  • Each main area will have a subfolder under incubator. For example, components, compendium, framework, p2, security, server-side (old repo) (new repo)
just-for-example compendium/bundles/compendium-just-for-example
components-just-for-example components/bundles/components-just-for-example
framework-just-for-example framework/bundles/framework-just-for-example
p2-just-for-example p2/bundles/p2-just-for-example
security-just-for-example security/bundles/security-just-for-example
server-side-just-for-example server-side/bundles/server-side-just-for-example

Bugzilla Bugs

The equinox incubator bugzilla inbox has already been moved to RT->Equinox->Incubator and the inbox has remained

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