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Emfatic is a text editor supporting navigation, editing, and conversion of Ecore models, using a compact and human-readable syntax similar to Java. The EPLed Emfatic now hosted at EMFT extends the Feb 2005 alphaworks release with support for EMF Generics, folding, "red squigglies", an EMF Type Hierarchy, hyperlinks, AutoEdits, and the possibility to define templates to speed up document creation, among other usability features. The best way to gain hands-on experience with Emfatic is to right-click on any .ecore file and choose "Generate Emfatic source", a similar converter works in the opposite direction. Online help is also available.

Emfatic itself builds upon Gymnast, a framework for jumpstarting text editors for custom Domain Specific Languages. Documentation on how to extend Emfatic, as well as on using Gymnast, can be found in this technical report.


Problem and warning markers (with squigglies) are updated after each keystroke. EmfaticProblemMarkers.PNG
The Outline view displays the same elements as the Sample Ecore Editor, toolbar actions are available for hiding/showing annotations, attributes, references, operations.
Mark occurrences highlights usages of the same EClassifier, range indication on the vertical bar spans the EClassifier declaration.
Folding is supported, with an annotation hover for collapsed regions
EmfaticFolding01.PNG EmfaticFolding02.PNG


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