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Ecore ODA Driver

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The Ecore ODA Driver was created to allow an EMF ECore model to serve as an ODA data source. This makes it simple for BIRT reports to draw data from Ecore models.

This component has been proposed to the new DTP Incubator. It is hoped (perhaps optimistically) that it can join in the Ganymede release in June of 2008.


The Ecore ODA Driver is currently only available from CVS. After obtaining the code, you may notice the driver has a number of dependencies that are un-met in your workspace:

Dependency Update Site Path
BIRT Report Designer Charting and Reporting/Eclipse BIRT Report Designer Framework
Datatools Connectivity Enabling Features/Data Tools Platform Connectivity
Data Tools Platform Enablement for JDBC Enabling Features/Data Tools Platform Enablement for JDBC
EMF Query Enabling Features/EMF Model Query
EMF Model Query OCL Integration Enabling Features/EMF Model Query OCL Integration
EMF Transaction Enabling Features/EMF Model Transaction
EMF Search Models and Model Development/EMF Search SDK

Using the Driver

The primary consumer of ODA data sources is BIRT. Any ODA drivers registered with the platform show up within BIRT as data source types, each with a wizard to allow for the entry of connection information. In the case of the Ecore ODA Driver, the only information required by the connection is the path to a serialized Ecore model of a registered model type. (If you aren't familiar with registering EMF models, see this question in the EMF-FAQ.)

Toolwise, the primary beneficiary of the Ecore ODA driver is BIRT, which you've presumably installed. To use the Ecore ODA Driver, un the BIRT Report Designer and create a new report. You might want to install the EMF Examples from and create an instance of an .extlibrary file if you don't already have a serialized EMF model to use as your report data source. When adding a Data Source, a new type will display Ecore ODA Data Source and the wizard will allow you to choose a file. Selecting and naming this Data Source and giving the name of a file will allow you to enter a new Data Set.


The Ecore ODA Driver and UI can be checked out of CVS from the Datatools_Project Repository of with a path of org.eclipse.datatools.incubator/plugins.

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