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Ecore ODA Driver


The Ecore ODA Driver is only available from CVS. The driver has a number of dependencies that may be un-met in your workspace: Datatools Connectivity, EMF Search, EMF Transaction, and EMF Query. You will also need to install the EMF Model Query OCL Integration feature (or the "Next" button on the New Data Source Wizard for the Ecore ODA Data Source will be disabled) and the Data Tools Platform Enablement for JDBC (or you will see assertion failures in the ConnectionProfileManager for a missing generic db JDBC profile).

Using the Driver

Toolwise, the primary beneficiary of the Ecore ODA driver is BIRT, which you've presumably installed. To use the Ecore ODA Driver, un the BIRT Report Designer and create a new report. You might want to install the EMF Examples from [1] and create an instance of an .extlibrary file if you don't already have a serialized EMF model to use as your report data source. When adding a Data Source, a new type will display Ecore ODA Data Source and the wizard will allow you to choose a file. Selecting and naming this Data Source and giving the name of a file will allow you to enter a new Data Set.


The Ecore ODA Driver and UI can be checked out of CVS from the Datatools_Project Repository of with a path of org.eclipse.datatools.incubator/plugins.

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