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Completacion Java

Hello I am doing plug-in for jsp and I need that the publisher completes Java code. Whereupon bookstore can do this. Where encounter an example. Excuse I do not speak English, I translated with google.


BIRT Report

i want one .bat file and one .sh file i thing its require for the deployment of report using jsp

Reports are not generating when different user generate same report at same time

Reports are not generating when different user generate same report at same time ____________________________________________________________________________________

Java Code is as below ______________________

log.info(" in side generateReport:::"+formatType + "  :: reportfilePath::"+reportfilePath+"  :::outputFilePath::"+outputFilePath); String rptDocument = "temp.rptdocument"; String fileName=""; String status = ""; String errorDescription = ""; List errors = null;

IReportEngineFactory factory =null; try { final EngineConfig config = new EngineConfig(); config.setLogConfig(birtLogPath, Level.FINE);

HashMap hm = config.getAppContext(); hm.put( EngineConstants.APPCONTEXT_CLASSLOADER_KEY, ReportServiceImpl.class.getClassLoader());

hm.put("SubDetailsList", model);

// config.setAppContext(hm); Platform.startup(config);

factory = (IReportEngineFactory) Platform .createFactoryObject(IReportEngineFactory.EXTENSION_REPORT_ENGINE_FACTORY); birtEngine = factory.createReportEngine(config);

// second way

// BirtEngineFactory bef = new BirtEngineFactory(); // birtEngine = bef.getObject(config);

// Third way

//birtEngine = SingletonClassForBirtFactory.getSingletonObject(config);

System.out.println("birtEngine Object "+birtEngine.hashCode());

} catch (Exception ex) { log.info("NOT able to create Rule engine instance " + ex.getMessage()); ex.printStackTrace(); throw new RuntimeException(ex.getMessage()); }

IRenderTask renderTask = null; String outputPath=outputFilePath; try { IReportRunnable ireportDocument = birtEngine .openReportDesign(new FileInputStream(new File( reportfilePath)));

IRunTask iRunTask = birtEngine.createRunTask(ireportDocument); iRunTask.run(rptDocument); IReportDocument ird = birtEngine.openReportDocument(rptDocument); IRenderOption options = new RenderOption();


The script in template is as below __________________________________ activities = SubDetailsList; totalrows = activities.size(); currentrow = 0; cumulativeDistance = 0;