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* NOTE: Some intermingling of these phases will most likely be necessary :-)
* NOTE: Some intermingling and modification of these phases will most likely be necessary :-)

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This project aims to add the ability to invoke commands in Eclipse from an external web browser (ie: Firefox).

For example, this would enable a site to provide a link which causes Eclipse to fetch and open a source code file in a single click.

A sample link may look similar to the following: <a href="http://localhost:56789?command=open_file&filepath=http://someWhereOnTheWeb/foo.java">open this file in Eclipse!</a>

The command and any of its required parameters will be contained solely within the url handed to Eclipse. The whole idea is centered around Eclipse "listening"(on localhost aka for commands passed via HTTP, receiving the command, and then performing the action(s) associated with that command.

Primary Goals

1. Integration of a light-weight web server for intercepting remote commands.

  • It maybe possible to utilize this? NanoHTTPD

2. Specification and integration of a generic command addition and removal interface.


Tentatively as follows:

1. Analysis (up until May 28):

This phase will involve interaction with the mentor to estimate the exact requirements of the project and research in order to gain more familiarity with the Eclipse framework. It will also involve setting up the project infrastructure such as the code repository.

2. Development Part I (May 28 - June 21):

This phase will involve the development of the code which listens for and responds to command execution requests.

3. Development Part II (June 22 - July 16):

This phase involves the creation and implementation of a generic way to add and remove commands to a list of "active" commands.

4. Testing and Wrap-Up (July 17 - August 28):

This phase involves thoroughly testing each aspect of the finished project and tieing up any loose ends.

  • NOTE: Some intermingling and modification of these phases will most likely be necessary :-)