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Eclipse WG Unconference France 2014 Requirements

    1. Random Notes
  • Is there a RE tools for which we have requirements?
    1. Interest in Audience
  • Looking for tools to fill the gap between Behavioral-Driven Development and RE
  • RE-solution wanted for model-based development
  • Solution wanted for ReqIF-based RE
  • Open Mind
  • Coming from Systems Engineering, interest in learning more about ReqIF, ProR, RMF
  • Coming from Topcased Requirements, looking for new trends
  • Requirements as Entry point for Polarsys Toolchain
  • Coming from DOORS, looking for alternative
  • Creating awareness of ReqCycle
  • Deepening knowledge on RE, i.e. ReqIF, looking for tool for safety requirements modeling
  • Looking for industry-strength RE solution
  • Formalization of Requirements.
  • Make entry in PolarSys tools easy, via more user guidance and better default configurations, especially for novices.

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