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(Monday, June 22)
(Monday, June 22)
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| [[Eclipse_Unconference_France_2015#IoT |IoT]]  
| [[Eclipse_Unconference_France_2015#IoT |IoT]]  
| [[Eclipse_Unconference_France_2015#PolarSys_Rover_Hackthon | PolarSys Rover Hackathon]]
| [[Eclipse_Unconference_France_2015#PolarSys_Rover_Hackthon | PolarSys Rover Hackathon]]
| [[Eclipse_Unconference_France_2015#Papyrus_Moka_workshop | Papyrus/Moka workshop]]
| [[Eclipse_Unconference_France_2015#Papyrus/Moka_workshop | Papyrus/Moka workshop]]
| [[Eclipse_Unconference_France_2015#Dev_room | Dev room]]
| [[Eclipse_Unconference_France_2015#Dev_room | Dev room]]
| [[Eclipse_Unconference_France_2015#ModelWriter_.28private_meeting.29 | ModelWriter (private meeting)]]
| [[Eclipse_Unconference_France_2015#ModelWriter_.28private_meeting.29 | ModelWriter (private meeting)]]

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This page is the live agenda for the Eclipse Unconference at ENSEEIHT, in Toulouse, on June 22-23, 2015.

If you want to suggest a session, please copy/paste the template at the bottom of the page and send the request to gael.blondelle _ at _ You can also support a session proposal or comment it.

Unconference Organizers

  • Tracy Miranda: Science Working Group
  • Ignacio Garro: Automotive Working Group
  • Gaël Blondelle / Boris Baldassari: PolarSys / Embedded Systems
  • Benjamin Cabé: IoT Working Group
  • Francis Bordeleau / Sébastien Gérard: Papyrus
  • Jean-Michel Bruel / Thierry Monteil: Eclipse for academics
  • Ferhat Erata: ModelWriter meeting

Registration and Dinner

  • There are two options:
    • Register for EclipseCon France 2015 and choose to attend the Unconference for an additional €60 (VAT included) as an add-on to your conference registration.
    • Register for the Unconference Only for €60 (VAT included). Select "Unconference (only)" as the registrant type on the form.
  • An Unconference Dinner is planned in Toulouse on the evening of June 23rd. Price is €60 (VAT included) and can be added when registering for EclipseCon France or for the Unconference Only. There are only 50 seats available and we will allocate them on first-come, first-served basis. So if you want to attend the dinner, please register quickly.

Poster session

During the Unconference, we will have lunch onsite with the Eclipse Board of Directors and we will host a poster session at the same time. Please send an email to gael.blondelle _at_ if you plan to come with a poster.

Here is the current of posters:

  • Be the first one!

Unconference Agenda

Monday, June 22

9:30-12:00 -- Papyrus meeting (under invitation)
14:00-17:00 Science IoT PolarSys Rover Hackathon Papyrus/Moka workshop Dev room ModelWriter (private meeting) Papyrus meeting (under invitation)

Tuesday, June 23

9:30-9:50 Welcome Coffee
9:50-10:00 Tuesday Unconf Introduction and Program Presentation
10:00-12:00 Science IoT PolarSys infrastructure Free room - organize your session Dev room ModelWriter (private meeting) Free room - organize your session
12:00-14:00 Lunch and Poster Session
14:00-15:30 Science IoT PolarSys projects updates Automotive Working Group Dev room ModelWriter (private meeting) Session: "The Eclipse ecosystem explained to academics"
15:30-16:00 Afternoon Coffee Break
16:00-17:30 Science IoT Common PolarSys and Automotive Working Group projects updates Dev room ModelWriter (private meeting) Session: "The Eclipse ecosystem explained to academics"

Unconference Sessions


  • Presentations and discussions on the following topics (add yours to the list):
    • Open source IoT server
    • Security and Discoverability for IoT
    • BLE in Kura?
    • Vorto
    • Eclipse IoT Demonstrators
  • Dev room
    • TBC (Wakaama/Leshan? Kiaora?)

Science Working Group

  • Science symposium - 5-10min demo or introduce your latest work to SWG
  • Coding Sessions - code hacking projects with Dawnsci, AnalysisRPC, others?
  • Brainstorming sessions - carry on discussions from previous meetings, mailing lists, etc

Automotive Working Group

  • Automotive working group status
  • Automotive Project updates

PolarSys Working Group

PolarSys Rover Hackthon

Joins us to brainstorm on the [rover] demo: * How to use it as a common demonstrator

  • Share approaches and model parts
  • What part of Systems Engineering process do we cover with this demo

PolarSys infrastructure

  • PolarSys maturity assessment
  • PolarSys project management
  • PolarSys testing infrastructure

PolarSys projects updates

The place to give a short (20 minutes) update about your project. The second part of this session will be shared with the Automotive working Group.

  • Papyrus RT (Charles Rivet)
  • Gendoc (Atos)

Send us an email to add your project here

Dev room

Ask for your space in the dev room! One day before the EclipseCon France, get a room to work on your Eclipse project. The purpose is to assign a dev room to self-organizing groups to work together on open source projects, to discuss topics relevant to a broader subset of the community, and to hack code...

List your project here if you plan to be there and want to attend gather your folks in the dev room:

  • Your name : Project name

Papyrus ecosystem meeting

Add a description

Papyrus/Moka workshop

  • Session type: Presentation
  • Contact:,
  • Time constraints: 45 minutes
  • Title: Moka: The Papyrus Framework for Model Execution based on Standards
  • Description:

Moka is a Papyrus module for execution of UML models, which natively includes an execution engine complying with Executable UML OMG standards – foundational UML (fUML, [1]) and Precise Semantics of UML Composite Structures (PSCS, [2]). Moka is integrated with the Eclipse debug framework to provide control (suspend / resume / step, etc.), observation (breakpoints, variables) and diagram animation during executions. Moka can be easily extended to support alternative execution semantics, and thereby be adapted to multiple usage scenarios and domains. The use case concerns a small Lego Mindstorm © robot which is dedicated to space exploration. The system is mainly composed of a four wheels rover and a remote controller. The controller sends commands to the rover's actuators based on information captured by the rover's sensors. In this session, we will use Papyrus to model the control part of the small Lego Mindstorm © robot. The model will be simulated with Moka, in order to check that the modeled system performs the expected behavior. Once validated with simulation, the same model will be used to control the real system.

ModelWriter (private meeting)

Add a description

The Eclipse ecosystem explained to academics

  • Few things you need to consider if you plan to open source your project at Eclipse (Wayne Beaton, Eclipse Foundation)
  • Return of Experience: Publication of OM2M by LAAS/CNRS (Thierry Monteil, LAAS)
  • Eclipse as a research dissemination channel (Gaël Blondelle, Eclipse Foundation)
  • Discussion / questions

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