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Eclipse Tools Day Grenoble 2019

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🚧🏗️👷🚧🏗️👷 EVENT & PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION, contact #organizers for more details 🚧🏗️👷🚧🏗️👷

🇬🇧 Engage in the local Eclipse-ecosystem Tools developer community this fall in Grenbole. We'll share knowledge about tools projects (editors, IDEs, Modeling...) that leverage Eclipse technologies like Eclipse Platform, EMF, LSP4J, Che...
Additionally to the multiple high-quality technical presentations, the event is also and above everything an opportunity to meet local experts and project leads.
Presentations may be performed in French or English, as preferred by each speaker.

🇫🇷 Venez rencontrer la communauté locale des développeurs d'outils dans l'écosystème Eclipse cet automne à Grenoble. Nous y échagerons à propos de projets d'outillage (éditeurs, EDI, Modélisation...) basés sur des technologies Eclipse telles que Eclipse Platform, EMF, LSP4J, Eclipse Che...
En plus des présentation techniques de haute qualité, cet événement est aussi et avant tout une occasion de rencontrer des experts et chefs de projet de la région.
Les présentations peuvent avoir lieu en Français ou en Qnglais, selon la préférence des intervenants.

Previous Tools EclipseDays and DemoCamps in Grenoble: 2015, 2013, 2012, 2011.
Last IoT Days in Grenoble: February 2019


Presentations may be performed in 🇫🇷 French or 🇬🇧 English, as preferred by each speaker.

Date, time, location

The Eclipse Tools Day Grenoble 2019 will take place:

  • 📅 (tentative) November 19th
  • ⌚ From 8:00 to 16:00
  • 📍 location to be announced (courtesy of Digital League an ???)

🥨 Beverages, snacks and lunch are provided to registered participants (courtesy of Eclipse Foundation)


The number of seat is limited to XX. Admission is free and open to anyone but registration is mandatory and the registration . So please Register via TODO.'. When you are registered and realize that you can't make it, please unregister. Registered people that are finally unable to attend are kindly asked to donate EUR 10 to the Eclipse Foundation.


The agenda will be settled later by the Program Committee according to submitted topics.

Propose a session

To propose a session, simply edit this page to clone the Session Proposal Template and adapt it. Make sure you are registered before submitting a session.
The Program Committee will be in charge of selecting and scheduling the presentations from thse proposals. The selection process is not documented yet, but will be later.

The sessions should basically either cover some technical insights on some Eclipse Tools project, or showcase how some Eclipse project was leveraged to build some new tools (generic or domain-specific).
If the demonstrated product is not an open-source Eclipse technology, the presentation shouldn't be a product presentation (although a product introduction is welcome for audience to grok the requirements) but more a presentation of the actual issues that usage of Eclipse projects are supposed to resolve and the interesting stories (success or failures) in their adoption.
The concept of tool is not strongly limited: it can involve Tools Platform, editors, IDEs... but we want to highlight that those presentations are not meant to focus on technologies like Eclipse JakartaEE, Microprofile nor IoT solutions (which have other dedicated events).

= Session Proposal Template 1

  • Language: 🇫🇷 or 🇬🇧 (select only one)
  • Title: How TreeHug-Workbench leverages Eclipse SuperProject to help planting the right tree at the right place
  • Speaker: John Doe (, ACME Corp.
  • Format: 5 minutes or 20 minutes + 5 minutes Q&A (select only one)
  • Synopsis: TreeHug-Workbench is a software helping in the modern challenge of planting trees that fit in their ecosystem to capture CO2 more efficiently. This domain involves some Modeling and Data Science technologies for good results. After an analysis of the tool framework landscape, we opted for the Eclipse SuperProject that allowed us easily build our software. This presentation will share feedback about adoption of Eclipse SuperProject: what it did great, what it's missing and how we filled the gap.

Session Proposal Template 2

  • Language: 🇫🇷 or 🇬🇧 (select only one)
  • Title: Learn more about Eclipse CrazyProject to domain-specific tools in 3 clicks
  • Speaker: Jane Doe (, ACME Corp.
  • Format: 5 minutes or 20 minutes + 5 minutes Q&A (select only one)
  • Synopsis: With Eclipse CrazyProject v12.34, you can now be much more efficient at building a domain-specific tool. In this presentation, we'll highlight the new features of CrazyProject and demo how those can be used to make you even more efficient at using it.

Program Committee

To be announced


Mickael Istria (Red Hat Inc.) - General organization

Emmanuelle Hugot (Digital League) - Location, communication

Eclipse Foundation - Restauration

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