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Registration will be open in the coming weeks via Eventbrite.
Registration will be open in the coming weeks via Eventbrite.
== Prices  ==
== Prices  ==
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More details to follow.  
More details to follow.  
== Important dates ==
== Important dates ==
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== Sponsors  ==
== Sponsors  ==
[[Image:Eclipse.JPG|Eclipse]] [[Image:Bredex.png|BREDEX]] [[Image:ASQF.png|ASQF]]  
[[Image:Eclipse.JPG|Eclipse]] [[Image:Bredex.png|BREDEX]] [[Image:xoredlogo.gif Xored]] [[Image:ASQF.png|ASQF]]  
'''Be a Sponsor'''  
'''Be a Sponsor'''  

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Twitter hashtag: #testday2011


Following the success of the Eclipse Testing Day in September 2010, BREDEX GmbH have teamed up with the Eclipse Foundation to organize a second Testing Day in 2011.

The Testing Day is a day-long event for technical developers, testers, architects, project leads and managers to learn more about testing. The theme for this year's Testing Day is "Testing: Technology and Process". We will select talks focusing on test processes and the technology to support them. Participants will learn how technology and process fit together, where they can complement each other and where there is potential for improvement.

The event will focus on the following topics:

  1. Testing with, at and for Eclipse projects
  2. Testing processes in theory and in practice
  3. Case studies of testing projects
  4. Process and technology - what works and what doesn't
  5. Process improvement
  6. Eclipse tooling and technology for the test process

Attendees will have the chance to hear speakers from leading companies within the testing space and experts from the Eclipse and testing community.

Date & Location

September 7, 2011

Commundo Tagungshotel, Neuss

Call for Papers

You are invited to submit a talk, demo, experience report or case study for the topics listed above or for a related topic. Presentations that include demos or are based on real-life projects are especially welcome. Please be aware that we will not accept talks or demos relating to commercial products. Sponsors will have the opportunity to showcase products during the breaks. Please see below for sponsoring opportunities.

Please submit your proposal by June 10th to Eclipse Testing Team.

Be sure to include:

- Presentation title and 100-200 word abstract
- Name, affiliation, 100-200 word bio, picture and contact information


Presentations will be 30-45 minutes long, including time for questions. There will be a computer projector to support your presentation but you will need to provide your own laptop. Presentation slides can be posted to the Eclipse Testing Day 2011 wiki and, if you'd like to share a short paper on your topic, we would also be glad to post a .pdf on the site.


- English (preferred) or German

Program committee

Talks will be selected by a committee comprising the following individuals:

  • Prof. Dr. Karin Vosseberg, Hochschule Bremerhaven
  • Hans-Joachim Brede, BREDEX GmbH
  • Felix Winter, ASQF
  • Ralph Müller, Eclipse Foundation


Registration will be open in the coming weeks via Eventbrite.


The Testing Day is a non-profit event. Ticket prices are expected to be the same as last year (50€ / 40€). The ticket price covers catering and room costs for the day.

More details to follow.

Important dates

  • 10.06.2011 Call for Papers closes
  • 27.06.2011 Speakers informed
  • 05.09.2011 Registration closes
  • 07.09.2011 Testing Day


Eclipse BREDEX File:Xoredlogo.gif Xored ASQF

Be a Sponsor

There are various options for sponsorship of the Eclipse Testing Day 2011. See the Sponsoring Page for details.


For more information email Eclipse Testing Team

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