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(Porting process)
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== Reimplementations ==
== Reimplementations ==
* Reimplementation of the standard converters and validators
<li>Reimplementation of the standard converters and validators</li>
== Additional things to consider ==
== Additional things to consider ==

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This is not part of the Official Databinding Effort lead by the Platform/UI-Team nor a project of the Eclipse-Team. The work done here is fairly experimental!


The main goal of this project is to make the current Eclipse-Databinding project compiled into JavaScript using the GWT-compiler. There are the following things to consider:

  1. GWT only provides a very small class lib (e.g. only ArrayList is available no LinkedList, no System.arraycopy)
  2. There are no threads, ... a possible solution to this could be later on Google-Gears
  3. Keep the footprint as small as possible this might also mean to split the current plugin into multiple ones (e.g. the core one and another one with the automatic converter stuff)

Porting process

  1. Things we have to port are:
    • org.eclipse.core.runtime (partly): Status useable
    • org.eclipse.core.databinding: Status useable
    To not move the package our modules have to use

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     like documented here
  2. Factor out not compilable code from Databinding e.g. the whole auto-conversion stuff can't work in GWT (no BigDecimal, no NumberFormat, no DateFormat)
  3. Create a set of scripts to automatically create GWT-Lib from Databinding-Sources


  • Reimplementation of the standard converters and validators

Additional things to consider

  1. There's no Reflection available in GWT and as a result of this no Beans-Support, we have to think about an other solution. As of now I see the following possibilities:
    • Get Core-EMF to compiled with GWT
    • Provide our own small EMF (I called it PEMF for PoorEMF) for this it would be handy to have PropertyChange-Support from the java.beans package available. A possible solution is to copy them from Apache Harmony project