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Eclipse Summit on Runtime Technologies and Platforms

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Eclipse Runtime Summit

The Eclipse community will be holding its first summit on runtime technologies and platforms at the Hotel Monaco on December 11, 2007.

Proposed goal of the Summit: Define a strategy how the Eclipse Foundation will deliver runtime technology.

Some key questions to discuss at the Summit:

  • What are the appropriate organizational structures to drive Runtime Technologies within the Foundation? Is a dedicated top level project needed, where the different runtime projects are bundled?
  • What is the set of runtime technologies the Eclipse Foundation aspires to cover mid term (2-3 years)? Which parts of this technology stack are covered today?
  • How will the Foundation ship runtime technologies? Will there be a separate release train?
  • How can the Foundation attract a user community within/without the Foundation?
  • How can the Foundation attract more runtime projects?

Who's Coming?

Enter your name and affiliation here if you're planning on attending the Summit.

  • Ricco Deutscher, Sopera
  • Jochen Krause, Innoopract

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