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Eclipse Summit Europe 2008 Equinox Hackathon

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The Eclipse Summit Europe presents a great opportunity to get together and look at and hack on code. This year we are doing an Equinox Hackathon. The idea is that given a base of Equinox code, folks at the conference (and elsewhere for that matter) can create their own bundles to add function or modify the base to do different things. You might be motivated just to play around, to put your project's technology to work or to use this as a reason to try some other project's technology. Whatever the reason, the goal is to hack Equinox code.

The application to be used is Toast, a telematics system that is being used as the example application for the upcoming Equinox OSGi book. Some folks may have seen previous versions of Toast demonstrated at various conferences (and undoubtedly it will be shown several times at ESE). The current function is roughly the same but the internals have changed considerably. The UI is now all SWT, the service interactions all DS, p2 is used to do provisioning, ...

Toast Picture1.png Toast Picture2.png Toast Picture3.png

Information for Hackathon participants

Getting the code

Toast comes in two parts, the target and the code. Download the target archive and then use Import > Existing projects into Workspace and specify the downloaded archive as the input. Once the target project is in your workspace, open toast.target and click on the Set as target platform link in the top right corner of the Overview page of the target editor.

The easiest way to get the Toast code is to check it out from the CVS repo. For the Hackathon we set up a SourceForge project. You don't need to have a SourceForge account to play, just add the following CVS repo location in Eclipse.

Host: equinoxosgi.cvs.sourceforge.net Repo path: /cvsroot/equinoxosgi

Using the CVS repo view, navigate to the "hackathon" folder and check out all the projects you find there (about 66).

You should now have a workspace full of Toast.

Running Toast

Building/Exporting Toast