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=== Slides ===
=== Slides ===
* scout, ''Ken Lee, Matthias Zimmermann''
* [http://wiki.eclipse.org/images/7/7e/EclipseStammtischZuerich2013_MobileScoutBusinessApps.pdf Mobile Eclipse Scout business Apps], ''Ken Lee, Matthias Zimmermann''
* xtex + orion, ''Holger Schill'
* [http://wiki.eclipse.org/images/0/01/XtextInTheWeb.pdf Web-based DSL Editors with Xtext & Orion], Holger Schill
* orion, ''Mike Milinkovich''
* orion, ''Mike Milinkovich''
* [http://de.slideshare.net/keilw/m4m-2-the-rescue-of-m2m M4M to the rescue of M2M], ''Werner Keil''
* [http://de.slideshare.net/keilw/m4m-2-the-rescue-of-m2m M4M to the rescue of M2M], ''Werner Keil''

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[edit] Eclipse Stammtisch Zürich, Wednesday May 15, 2013


Engage in the Eclipse community in Zurich at the Eclipse Stammtisch!

We have invited several interesting speakers to talk about their projects. The talks cover Eclipse Orion, Xtext, Scout, and UOMo. There is no break planned. You would have to wait for beer and snacks until after the talks.

Interested in any of these topics? Participation is free. Please register by May 2nd as described below.

[edit] Organizers

[edit] Location

The event will take place at the Technopark Zürich, Technoparkstrasse 1, 8005 Zürich, map. Room: Konferenzraum Basic, 2. OG

[edit] Program

18:00 - 18:05 Intro (German), Serano Colameo, itemis Schweiz GmbH
18:05 - 18:25 Mobile Eclipse Scout business Apps (German), Ken Lee, Matthias Zimmermann, BSI Business Systems Integration AG
18:25 - 18:45 Xtext meets Orion - Web-based DSL Editors (German), Holger Schill, itemis Schweiz GmbH
18:45 - 19:05 Eclipse Orion (English), Mike Milinkovich, Eclipse Foundation
19:05 - 19:25 M4M 2 the Rescue of M2M (Englisch or German), Werner Keil, Creative Arts & Technologies

19:30 - 20:30 Beer and snacks, you!

[edit] Register

Participation is free, but seating is limited to 50 participants.

If you'd like to attend:

  1. Block the time in your calendar
  2. Sign up early using the following Doodle

[edit] Sponsors


BSI Business Systems Integration AG - Featured Link - Eclipse Scout
Itemis schweiz.png 

itemis Schweiz GmbH - Featured Link - Xtext

[edit] Slides

[edit] Side Note

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