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Eclipse Monkey/Overview

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The Eclipse Monkey component of the Dash Project has been archived [1].
Thus this page is no longer active.

Eclipse Monkey Overview

Eclipse Monkey allows you to write scripts that run inside Eclipse and through DOMs are able to access and control(script) parts of the Eclipse Platform.

Eclipse Monkey Help

Monkey Help

Getting the Source

The recommended method is to use Buckminster.

If that doesn't work you can get the code with anonymous CVS:

  1. Define a new cvs location: pserver:anonymous@dev.eclipse.org:/cvsroot/technology
  2. Checkout all projects from org.eclipse.dash folder into your workspace. Make sure you checkout projects beneath org.eclipse.dash, not the org.eclipse.dash folder itself.


Monkey Help covers the basics of running and writing scripts.

Basic interaction with the Eclipse editor can be done using the built in DOM. The main component is the Editor.

Eclipse Monkey Script Exchange

Eclipse Monkey Exchange Site to share Eclipse Monkey scripts. (unavailable from time to time because of temporary ISP problems)

Eclipse Monkey Scripting Introduction to Eclipse Monkey script writing.

Eclipse Monkey Plugins

PythonMonkey PythonMonkey plugin to support Python Language.

GroovyMonkey GroovyMonkey plugin to support Groovy Language.

ScriptLoader An Eclipse Monkey DOM plugin to load other scripts, called Script Loader.