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== Current Components ==
== Current Components ==
* [[CDO]]
* [[EMF Compare]]
* [[EMF Compare]]
* [[EMF Search]]
* [[JCR Management]]
* [[JCR Management]]
* ''[[Net4j]]''
* [[Modeling Workflow Engine (MWE)]]
* ''[[CDO]]''
* [[Net4j]]
* ''[[Teneo]]''
* [[EMF Search]]
* ''[[Modeling Workflow Engine (MWE)]]''
* [[Teneo]]
== Graduated Components ==
== Graduated Components ==

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The Eclipse Modeling Framework Technologies (EMFT) project was initiated to incubate new technologies that extend or complement EMF. Over time, projects will graduate from EMFT into other Modeling projects, such as EMF, MDT or M2T.


For an up to date list of components, see:

Current Components

Graduated Components

  • EMF: Query, Transaction, Validation
  • M2T: JET, JET Editor

Planning & Project Management

Callisto (2006)

Europa (2007)

Documentation & Assistance

Newsgroups / Mailing Lists

Have a question? Try the FAQ for your individual component. If that doesn't help, chances are your question has been answered in the newsgroup.

Builds & Server Configuration

See also Category:EMFT or Category:Releng.


Articles / Wiki




Related Links

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