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(Eclipse Enterprise Modeling Day)
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#Daniel Peter, IT Architect, UBS AG
#Daniel Peter, IT Architect, UBS AG
#Marc Schlienger, innoQ Schweiz GmbH
#Marc Schlienger, innoQ Schweiz GmbH
#Christophe Meili, CEO, Jaree AG
#Marcus Rimmer, GTIS Consultant, UBS AG
#Marcus Rimmer, GTIS Consultant, UBS AG
#Nima Naghshin, Project Manager, Jaree AG
#JM Vanhalle, IT Architect, Nowendo
#JM Vanhalle, IT Architect, Nowendo
#François Braun, Development Director, Synlogic
#François Braun, Development Director, Synlogic
#Ernst Lebsanft, CEO, Synlogic
#Ernst Lebsanft, CEO, Synlogic
#Erich Rueede, WM&SB CTO - Technical Architecture, UBS AG
#Michael Spranger, Software Developer, ARC Solutions GmbH
#David Hein, Software Developer, ARC Solutions GmbH

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Eclipse Enterprise Modeling Day

Eclipse Enterprise Modeling Day is for IT architects and IT strategists who are exploring a model driven development approach for their enterprise application development.

Many enterprises are already using modeling to streamline their application development. The sessions will explore how enterprises, such as UBS and Bosch have used Eclipse technology to implement a modeling strategy. Eclipse modeling experts will also provide a review of the core Eclipse modeling technology that enables key enterprise modeling features, including data modeling, graphical modeling, model repositories and textual modeling. Finally, a presentation on the Eclipse Modeling Platform will show how an integrated Eclipse-based platform can provide the flexibility and extensibility required for large-scale enterprise model driven development.

The event is open to all IT architects and IT strategist interested in modeling for enterprise development. There is no cost to attend the event but you must have pre-registered by sending your name, title and company name to Note: Registration is full and is now closed.

Thursday, October 28, 2010
12:30 - 18:00

Max-Höggerstrasse 80 (VZA2)
CH-8048 Zürich-Altstetten
Ubs map.jpg

  1. UBS Building - Welcome desk for registration at entry
  2. Railway station Zürich-Altstetten

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Thanks to UBS and itemis for supporting this event.


Time Room
12:30-13:00 Registration
13:00-13:15 Welcome by UBS
13:15-14:00 Eclipse Modeling Platform for Enterprise Modeling - Dr. Martin Mandischer (itemis), Dr. Stephan Eberle (geensys)
14:00-14:30 User Story: Models as First Class Citizens in the Enterprise - Robert Blust (UBS)
14:30-15:00 Eclipse Modeling Framework for Data Modeling (English) - Ed Merks (itemis & EMF Project Lead)
15:00-15:30 Coffee Break
15:30-15:50 Textual Modeling with Xtext - Sven Efftinge (itemis & TMF/Xtext Project Lead)
15:50-16:10 Graphical Modeling with Graphiti - Michael Wenz (SAP)
16:10-16:30 User Story: The Usage of Models in an Embedded Automotive IDE - Lars Geyer-Blaumeiser (Robert Bosch)
16:30-16:50 Modeling Repository with CDO (English) - Eike Stepper (CDO Project Lead)
16:50-17:10 User Story: Successful Use of MDSD in the Energy Industry (German) - Norbert Moegerle (RWE IT GmbH)
17:10-17:30 User Story: Nord/LB - Modeling of Banking Applications with Xtext and GMF (English) - Holger Schill (itemis)
17:30-18:00 Group Discussion
18:00-19:30 Reception

Attendee Registration

Registration is full and is now closed.


  1. Ian Skerrett, Director of Marketing, Eclipse Foundation
  2. Dr. Martin Mandischer, itemis
  3. Stephan Eberle, Geensys
  4. Ed Merks, itemis & EMF Project Lead
  5. Christian Meier, WM&SB CTO - Application Architecture, UBS AG
  6. Robert Blust, Tooling Strategy, UBS AG
  7. Wolfgang Neuhaus, Member of the Board, itemis
  8. Serano Colameo, CEO & Co-Founder, itemis Switzerland
  9. Richard Mazzola, Associate Director, UBS AG
  10. Amos Mastel, Associate Director, UBS AG
  11. Adrian Glutz, Associate Director, UBS AG
  12. Christian Kreutzer-Beck, Software Engineer and IT Consultant, itemis Switzerland
  13. Robert Bennek, IT Architecture, Credit Suisse
  14. Sven Efftinge, itemis & TMF/xtext Project Lead
  15. Eike Stepper, CDO Project Lead
  16. Lars Geyer-Blaumeiser, Robert Bosch
  17. Adrian Tschannen, PostFinance
  18. Knut Wannheden, Paranor AG
  19. Philippe de Valliere, Managing Director, Sofismo
  20. Max Räz, Paranor AG
  21. Christoph Frutiger, Credit Suisse
  22. Richard Wood, IT Architect, Credit Suisse
  23. Milan Ignjatovic, Software Engineering Consultant, ProSoftwarica
  24. Tarmo Ploom, Integration Architect, Credit Suisse
  25. Michel Ott, Advisory Consultant, IBM Switzerland
  26. Marco Ciolini, Software Engineer, AdNovum Informatik AG
  27. Holger Pieper, IT Architect, UBS AG
  28. Reto Fanhauser, Architect, ELCA Informatik AG
  29. Andrew Clark, Consultant Sofware Engineer, Paranor AG
  30. Wolfgang Boos, Manager Embedded Software Development, Mettler-Toledo AG
  31. Oliver Ruf, SOA & Integration Lead, Swiss Mobilar
  32. Michael Vorburger, Development Manager, Odyssey Financial Technologies
  33. Earl Waldin, Paranor AG
  34. Birgitta Bockeler, Software Architect, Accenture GmbH
  35. Dr. Dragan Milic, IT Architect, Swiss Mobilar
  36. Michael Rauch, IT Architect, Swiss Mobilar
  37. Michael Steiner, Software Engineer, Avaloq Evolution AG
  38. Imran Abdul Rhiman, Robert Bosch
  39. Stephan Sigrist, CTO, Diligent IT Solutions
  40. Fritz Müller, Business Dev. Manager, Diligent IT Solutions
  41. Sandro Stanziani, Developer, Diligent IT Solutions
  42. Mario Luca Bernardi, Associate Researcher, University of Sannio
  43. Roland Heeb, Information Security Officer, Bank Julius Baer & Co Ltd.
  44. Dominik Stupan, Developer, SER
  45. Gregor Gisler-Merz, BA, Credit Suisse
  46. Eric M. Schimansky, Advanced Project Engineering, UBS AG
  47. Patrik Suzzi, Make-IT / CSE
  48. Norbert Moegerle, RWE IT GmbH
  49. Thomas Kerle, Software Engineer, Haslerrail AG
  50. Laurent Muller, Software Engineer, Haslerrail AG
  51. Pascal Rudin, Lead Developer, UBS AG
  52. Martin Schnyder, Software Engineer, UBS AG
  53. Patrick Huber, Systems Engineer, Siemens IT Solutions and Services
  54. Peter Naef, Software Developer, Sputnik Engineering AG
  55. Benjamin Ginsberg, Software Developer, Independent Consultant
  56. Roger Gretener, Software Engineer
  57. Andreas Hollenstein, IT Architect, UBS AG
  58. Pino Rovetto, AXA
  59. Johan Wannheden, Software Engineer, Paranor AG
  60. Dr. Philipp W. Kutter, CEO, Montages AG
  61. Martin Schlatter Villiger, COO, Montages AG
  62. Marc Moser, CTO, Montages AG
  63. Pascal Walz, Senior Business Consultant, Montages AG
  64. Massimilliano Zattera, Senior Software Engineer, Montages AG
  65. Reto Weiss, Paranor AG
  66. Manfred Sproll, Software Engineer, Cross-Works AG
  67. Markus Kessler, IT Architect, UBS AG
  68. Michael Mahler, Software Architect, Dun & Bradstreet
  69. Stefan Keidel, Business and Application Architect, UBS AG
  70. Patrick Hofer, Software Engineer, nanoTRONIC GmbH
  71. Michael Wenz, SAP
  72. Christophe Ponsard, R&D Manager, CETIC
  73. Lars Kopp, Enterprise IT Architect, ZFS
  74. Aaron Digulla, Senior Java Developer, AVANON AG
  75. Nico Heinz, ZFS
  76. Samaimai Spörri, ZFS
  77. Markus Meier, Team Leader SC Software Engineering, Schweizerische Bundesbahnen SBB Informatik
  78. Holger Schill, itemis
  79. Thomas Ammann, Software Engineer, Inventage AG
  80. Edwin Steiner, Software Engineer, Inventage AG
  81. Danilo Tommasina, CTO, AVANON AG
  82. Rachid Elalaoui, Product Manager, AVANON AG
  83. Rainer Matthias Lang, Managing Partner, Frontwerks AG
  84. Urs Künzler, IT Architect, UBS AG
  85. Marc Alvarez, Software Developer, UBS AG
  86. Florian Wientzek, Associate Director, UBS AG
  87. Qun Lou, UBS AG
  88. René Mas, Credit Suisse
  89. Ksenia Wahler, IT Architect, Credit Suisse
  90. Michael Wahler, Scientist, ABB Schweiz AG
  91. Christof Hasse, WM&SB CTO - Application Architecture, UBS AG
  92. Parviz Moshfegh, Head of Client/Server Application Development Collective Lif, Allianz Suisse
  93. Martin Weiss, Martin Weiss Informatik AG
  94. Andrej Thiele, Senior IT Consultant, itemis
  95. Laura Voicu, IT Architect, Credit Suisse
  96. Peter Brunner, Cirquent GmbH
  97. Alexander Klimuk, Software Architect, SaM Solutions GmbH
  98. Ettore Ferranti, Scientist, ABB Schweiz AG
  99. Olaf Grönemann, Software Engineer, Credit Suisse
  100. Marco Bontognali, Dozent Software Engineering, ABB Technikerschule
  101. Ralph Müller, Director of the European Ecosystem, Eclipse Foundation
  102. Gaël Blondelle, Obeo
  103. Thorsten Walther, Solution Architect IAM, Credit Suisse
  104. Daniel Meier, IT Architect, CBS Custom-Made Business Solutions
  105. Marcel Brünisholz, Associate Director, UBS AG
  106. Gerd Berger, Associate Director, UBS AG
  107. Markus Breitinger, Freelancer
  108. Michael Engler, IT Architect / Collective Life, Allianz Suisse
  109. Andreas Lux, eXXcellent solutions
  110. Daniel Peter, IT Architect, UBS AG
  111. Marc Schlienger, innoQ Schweiz GmbH
  112. Marcus Rimmer, GTIS Consultant, UBS AG
  113. JM Vanhalle, IT Architect, Nowendo
  114. François Braun, Development Director, Synlogic
  115. Ernst Lebsanft, CEO, Synlogic
  116. Erich Rueede, WM&SB CTO - Technical Architecture, UBS AG
  117. Michael Spranger, Software Developer, ARC Solutions GmbH
  118. David Hein, Software Developer, ARC Solutions GmbH


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