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Eclipse Finance Day 2013/Session Abstracts

Building and maintaining form-based user interfaces for data entry efficiently

Building user interfaces for business applications can be a tedious and repetitive task. This is especially true if there are many different entities you need a form-based editor for. To make things worse it is is cumbersome to adapt the UI to changes in the entity model such as new attributes. Let alone the possibility of a UI technology change, e.g. JavaFX. And last but not least a homogeneous UI with a consistent user experience is often an important usability requirement. All of these factors make it inefficient to manually code and maintain form-based UIs. To address this problem we are currently developing a technology within the EMF Client Platform project at Eclipse.org to reflectively render form-based editors based on your entity model and a layout description. This allows you to define the user interface very fast even for a large number of entities, to adapt to changes very efficiently, define your UI independent of a UI toolkit and finally to achieve a homogeneous user experience. This is not a vision or impractical proposal but has been developed with our customers and is currently already in active use. In this presentation we will show real-world examples of form-based UIs built on the technology that run in a web browser and in a desktop application.

Maximilian Kögel, EclipseSource

JavaFX From Desktop to Mobile to Embedded

JavaFX is THE new UI toolkit to develop UIs in Java. While there is SWT & Swing for the desktop, none of those work on constrainted devices like your smart phone because they are heavily bound to the CPU. In contrast to that JavaFX - which is leverages the GPU to renderer - can run on fairly all devices.

In this talk I'll introduce you to JavaFX and the Eclipse Tooling & Runtime Platform provided by e(fx)clipse

Tom is co-founder of BestSolution.at a tech company located in Tyrol, Austria. He's project lead of e(fx)clipse which provide JavaFX-Tooling for the Eclipse IDE, EMF and Eclipse Platform committer.

Language: English / German whatever is preferred (slides always in English)