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(Who Is Attending)
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#Thomas Schweigler, [ BSI AG]
#Thomas Schweigler, [ BSI AG]
#Sebastian Louis, [ BSI AG]
#Sebastian Louis, [ BSI AG]
#Gerrit Karius, ING-DiBa
#Ingo Dettling
#Martin Hassanzadeh, FamousIT

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Eclipse DemoCamp Old.jpg What is an Eclipse DemoCamp?

Democamp ffm.jpg


Yatta Office Frankfurt
Mainzer Landstr. 50
60325 Frankfurt a. M.

LatLong: 50.1109392, 8.6639151

Date and Time

Thursday, December 12th, 2013, opening 17:00


This Eclipse DemoCamp is sponsored by Yatta Solutions GmbH

Yatta Solutions GmbH


Software & Support Media GmbH is supporting the Eclipse DemoCamp Software & Support Media GmbH

Software & Support Media GmbH


Manuel Bork, Yatta Solutions



After Event


Presenters / Call for Demos

The call for demos is closed, but if you still want to present at the demo camp please add your demo to the waiting list and contact the organizers.

  • ETCS - Iron Horse running safely with Eclipse - An overview of ETCS (European Train Control System) standards, the OpenETCS initiative and where they use Eclipse; Werner Keil, Creative Arts & Technologies
  • Puppet to the rescue - An introductory overview of puppet based on our experience of fully automating management of the Mylyn test infrastructure; Steffen Pingel, Tasktop Technologies
  • Eclipse SmartHome - Enabling the Intranet of Things; Kai Kreuzer, Deutsche Telekom
  • Orion meets SAP - Using Orion API to enable Web Based Development for our InMemory Data Platform SAP Hana; Wolfgang Pfeifer und Mohammed Unewisse, SAP AG
  • Boost JUnit tests with Xtend - Short introduction to Xtend language and an example how it can be used to write cool JUnit tests; Boris Brodski, Freelancer
  • Eclipse Scout in the cloud - How to build scalable business applications running on multiple PaaS clouds out of the box with Eclipse Scout; Thomas Schweigler, BSI AG

Wating List

Who Is Attending

If you plan on attending please add your name and company to the list below. If you have any trouble with the wiki, just send an email to Manuel Bork.

  1. Fahad Abdel Kader, Connectloud
  2. Johannes Jacop, Yatta Solutions
  3. Dr. Christian Schneider, Yatta Solutions
  4. Manuel Bork, Yatta Solutions
  5. Werner Keil, Creative Arts & Technologies / Thales
  6. Steffen Pingel, Tasktop Technologies
  7. Kai Kreuzer, Deutsche Telekom
  8. Uli Merkel
  9. Karl Schmitt, Competence Center DB Schenker
  10. Adalbert Biadatz
  11. Kerem Seyhan
  12. Christine Bodendiek
  13. Julia Szalay
  14. Diana Kupfer, Eclipse Magazin
  15. Wolfgang Pfeifer, SAP AG
  16. Mohammed Unewisse, SAP AG
  17. Carsten Reckord, Yatta Solutions
  18. Dr. Leif Geiger, Yatta Solutions
  19. Frederic Ebelshäuser, Yatta Solutions
  20. Boris Brodski, Freelancer
  21. Thomas Schweigler, BSI AG
  22. Sebastian Louis, BSI AG
  23. Gerrit Karius, ING-DiBa
  24. Ingo Dettling
  25. Martin Hassanzadeh, FamousIT

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