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(Location and Date)
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# Martin Lippert, Java8-Tooling in Eclipse
# Martin Lippert, Java8-Tooling in Eclipse
# [ Matthias Sohn] - Rebase Interactive mit EGit
# [ Matthias Sohn] - Rebase Interactive mit EGit
*Werner Keil, [ Creative Arts & Technologies] - M4M 2 the Rescue of M2M - [ slides from Eclipse Stammtisch Zürich / DemoCamp Kepler 2013]
=== Attendees ===
=== Attendees ===

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Location and Date

Deutsche Telekom AG
Products & Innovation
T-Online-Allee 1
64295 Darmstadt
LatLong: 49.86471, 8.62546

Date: Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

Find location in Google Maps

Note: If you have been registered, there will be a free parking available for you. Follow the visitors path, tell your name and use visitor parking areas.

The demo camp will be located in the Forum, which is directly at main entrance to the building and registration desk.


We are looking for sponsors. If you are interested please contact Jochen Hiller (j.hiller at


  • Jochen Hiller, Deutsche Telekom AG
  • Marcel Bruch, Codetrails, TU Darmstadt




If you would like to present at this event, please add your name below. Should we receive more submissions than we can fit into the schedule, we will select the ones that we think are most interesting to the audience.

  1. Kai Kreuzer - Eclipse SmartHome
  2. Johannes Dorn, Codetrails - Snipmatch - Code Snippets for the World (and Eclipse)
  3. Martin Lippert, Java8-Tooling in Eclipse
  4. Matthias Sohn - Rebase Interactive mit EGit


The registration for the event is done via Eventbrite.

Please sign up for this event via

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