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(Date and Time 时间)
(Date and Time 时间)
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*'''Thursday, November 14th 7pm''' | 2013 11月14号 周四  7点  
*'''Thursday, November 14th 7pm''' | 2013 11月14号 周四  7点  
Compare time http://time.is/compare/1900_24_November_2013_in_Beijing/CET/London/New_York
Compare time http://time.is/compare/1900_14_November_2013_in_Beijing/CET/London/New_York
See also [[Eclipse_Day_China|Eclipse Day China]].
See also [[Eclipse_Day_China|Eclipse Day China]].

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Eclipse 展示营地 开普勒 2013 北京 (Beijing_Thursday)

北京 2013年11月14日



[edit] Intro 介绍

What is an Eclipse DemoCamp? | Eclipse 展示营地是什么?



这个是免费的活动为了中国开发员和在中国住的老外。 演讲用中文,英文都可以。

[edit] Location 场地

Funshion Beijing office

Address: Avatar room, 12th floor, B, Horizon Tower, ZhiChun Road 6, HaiDian district, Beijing, China (Line 10 XiTuCheng Subway station)
LatLong: 39.9764791, 116.3502529

北京海淀区知春 路6号锦秋国际大厦B座12层阿凡达会议室 (地铁10号线西土城站)

Contact organizer if you want to join via WebEx.

[edit] Date and Time 时间

  • Thursday, November 14th 7pm | 2013 11月14号 周四 7点

Compare time http://time.is/compare/1900_14_November_2013_in_Beijing/CET/London/New_York

See also Eclipse Day China.

[edit] Organizer 组织者

JVMs and Node.js User Groups (Java, Groovy, Scala, Android, JavaScript)

Paul Verest Paul Verest Weibl-funshion-com2.PNG +86 187 01029146, QQ 908781544 software architect at Funshion风行在线

[edit] Sponsors 赞助

This Eclipse DemoCamp will be promoted by the Eclipse Foundation Eclipse.png

  • Eclipse Foundation is a not-for-profit, member supported corporation that hosts the open-source Eclipse Projects.

Funshion风行在线 is sponsoring venue Funshion-logo-294.PNG

If you or your company would like to sponsor drinks & snacks, broadband Internet for the event please get in touch with organizer.

If we have money left, we will return or donate to Eclipse (or next event).

如果您或您的公司想赞助饮料,零食 或者


[edit] Agenda 议程

Anyone can do presentation! Just decide on topic and contact organizers.

Expected topics:

- Using Eclipse for C, Java and JavaScript development (Node.js, PhantomJS, MongoDB, Java 8 Nashorn JJS)

- Spring Tool Suite

- Eclipse WTP (Web Tools Projects)

Wanted topics, speakers are needed! 可能的主题,需要呈献者:

  • Eclipse 4.4 Luna
  • OSGi
  • Eclipse Android Development Tools (ADT) project http://tools.android.com
  • Eclipse JavaFX e(fx)clipse http://tomsondev.bestsolution.at/
  • Scala IDE
  • e(fx)clipse JavaFX 2 Development and JavaFX renderer for Eclipse runtime.
  • VJET JavaScript IDE (incubation)
  • Eclipse RAP 2.1
  • Eclipse Orion 3.0
  • Eclipse JavaScript Development Tools (JSDT)
  • Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers
  • PyDev Python IDE http://pydev.org/

If you would like to give a demo, contact organizer. 如果你想给一个演示,请联系组织者。

[edit] Details | 详细信息

If you added your demo to the list above, please add a short abstract to this list so people know what you will be talking about.

想了解多一点儿?become co-presenter! 需要和演讲人活动之前沟通,跟多学会,准备一起讲。

[edit] Who Is Attending | 谁参加?怎么注册?

If you plan on attending please add your name and company to the list below:

  1. Paul Verest, Funshion Online
  2. Rob Stryker, Red Hat Inc.

https://dev.eclipse.org/site_login/ 注册,登陆,然后上面加加你的名字,公司(或者大学)

必须要注册. 不注册的话,可能进不去,因为场所有限。之前注册的有优势.


There are some guests from Beijing Software meetup group.


The maximum number of attendees (including speakers and Funshion Online employees) is 20. Please register to reserve your seat.


[edit] For Bloggers and Users of Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Weibo, Weixin etc.

In case you plan to blog or tweet about the Eclipse Thursday DemoCamp in Beijing, please use the tags #eclipse and #democampbeijingthursday in order to make it easier to find all the comments and pictures. Thanks a lot for telling the world about the event! | 请用#eclipse#和#democampbeijingthursday#标签微博一下。

Eclipse中国QQ群 321486747

Join Eclipse China LinkedIn Group

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