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#Michael Aspetsberger, [http://www.catalysts.cc/ catalysts.cc]
#Michael Aspetsberger, [http://www.catalysts.cc/ catalysts.cc]
#Harald Vogl, [http://www.catalysts.cc/ catalysts.cc]
#Harald Vogl, [http://www.catalysts.cc/ catalysts.cc]
#Christian Kloner, [http://www.Allianz.at]
#Christian Kloner, [http://www.Allianz.at Allianz]
#Wolfgang Rieger, [http://www.Allianz.at]
#Wolfgang Rieger, [http://www.Allianz.at Allianz]
#Klaus Astner, [http://www.Allianz.at]
#Klaus Astner, [http://www.Allianz.at Allianz]
#Jana Imriska, [http://www.Allianz.at]
#Jana Imriska, [http://www.Allianz.at Allianz]
#Stefan Milchram, [http://www.Allianz.at]
#Stefan Milchram, [http://www.Allianz.at Allianz]
#Peter Brachwitz, [http://www.Allianz.at]
#Peter Brachwitz, [http://www.Allianz.at Allianz]
#Martin Lackner, [http://www.Allianz.at]
#Martin Lackner, [http://www.Allianz.at Allianz]
#Josef Krammer
#Josef Krammer
#Martin Lemanski, [http://www.anecon.com/ Anecon]
#Martin Lemanski, [http://www.anecon.com/ Anecon]

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Eclipse DemoCamp Old.jpg    DCV5 (Eclipse DemoCamp Vienna #5)
   What is an Eclipse DemoCamp?
   (Our History: Indigo - 2010 - Helios - 2009)

To keep updated about upcoming DemoCamps in Vienna, follow us on Twitter.


Conference Center NINETEEN/Business Base NINETEEN (Google Maps)
Mooslackengasse 17, 1190 Wien (U4 Heiligenstadt)

Date and Time

December 2nd, 2011
15:30 - 21:30
   DCV5 qr.png


15:30 - 16:00: "warm up"
16:00 - 17:30: introduction/presentations
17:30 - 18:00: break
18:00 - 19:30: presentations
19:30 - 20:00: break
20:00 - 21:30: presentations
21:30 - 23:30: "cool down" in the lounge

Birthday Party

  • Red Bull energy provided by Wings Team Members
  • Cupcakes (McCafé)


  Codeworks.png   Codecop.png

Platin Sponsors

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SRB-LOGO.png   Ciit2.png   Javatraining2.png
Logo Anthentic 60.png   Catalysts.jpg


Presentations will be in German. All slots are full.

  1. Eike Stepper, esc-net.de, "CDO 3D" (30 minutes)
  2. Christian Voller-Niederl, BIRT User Group Graz, "BIRT@DemoCamp - Reporting für Management und Entwickler" (30 minutes)
  3. Stefan Strobl, Martin Reiterer, Christian Zwettler, INSO, "TapiJI - The Eclipse-assisted way of Java Internationalization" (30 minutes)
  4. Matthias Sohn, SAP AG, "Eclipse Hacker's Guide to the Git Universe - Developing with EGit and Friends" (45 minutes)
  5. Ralf Sternberg, Eclipsesource, "Dynamic Web Applications with OSGi and RAP" (45 minutes)
  6. Manuel Bork, Yatta Solutions , "Task Focused Diagrams with Mylyn and UML Lab" (45 minutes)
  7. Florian Pirchner, redVoodo.org, "The Eclipse Based Core of redVoodo" (15 minutes)
  8. Werner Keil, www.catmedia.us, "UOMo BOF" (last 15 minutes)

Who Will Attend

If you plan on attending please add your name (and company) to the list below. If you have any trouble with the wiki, just send an email to democamp at code minus cop dot org. (Xing Event DC5, Xing Event)

  1. Michael Clay, Codeworkz
  2. Peter Kofler, code-cop.org
  3. Florian Pirchner, profile
  4. Martin Peter Hofer, agent°ex
  5. Michael Horvath, agent°ex
  6. Andrea Schuster, CIIT
  7. Eike Stepper, esc-net.de, CDO 3D
  8. Christian Voller-Niederl, BIRT User Group Graz
  9. Martin Reiterer, INSO
  10. Matthias Sohn, SAP
  11. Ralf Sternberg, Eclipsesource
  12. Manuel Bork, Yatta Solutions
  13. Werner Keil, www.catmedia.us
  14. Bernhard Woditschka, www.woditschka.com
  15. Joachim Butz, www.smartstream-stp.com
  16. Andreas Fischl, www.smartstream-stp.com
  17. Gerhard Hager, www.smartstream-stp.com
  18. Georg Müksch, www.smartstream-stp.com
  19. Christian Schaefer, www.sphinx.at
  20. Robert Handschmann, www.sphinx.at
  21. Claus Polanka, CPB Software AG
  22. Georg Aigner, sIT-S
  23. Christoph Pickl
  24. Clemens Edler
  25. Thomas Feiner, catalysts.cc
  26. Johannes Pieringer, catalysts.cc
  27. Michael Aspetsberger, catalysts.cc
  28. Harald Vogl, catalysts.cc
  29. Christian Kloner, Allianz
  30. Wolfgang Rieger, Allianz
  31. Klaus Astner, Allianz
  32. Jana Imriska, Allianz
  33. Stefan Milchram, Allianz
  34. Peter Brachwitz, Allianz
  35. Martin Lackner, Allianz
  36. Josef Krammer
  37. Martin Lemanski, Anecon
  38. Stefan Krendl
  39. Sebastian Dietrich
  40. Gottfried Szing
  41. Georg Nepp, Generali VIS Informatik GmbH
  42. Markus Mitterauer, Generali VIS Informatik GmbH
  43. Guenter Thaler, granITIC
  44. Matej Babjak
  45. Lubos Bistak
  46. Dejan Linkic, ANECON
  47. Joachim Grüneis
  48. Paul-Gabriel Müller, HighQ-IT
  49. Maria Vill, ANECON
  50. Michael Kalkusch
  51. Thomas Kernstock, e-technologies
  52. Wolfgang Wache, Freelance Vienna
  53. Johannes Smutny, push-it.at
  54. Benjamin Cody
  55. Martin Lorenz
  56. Hermann Czedik-Eysenberg, Agfa Healthcare
  57. Harald Reingruber, Agfa Healthcare
  58. Riccardo Corona, Agfa Healthcare
  59. Michael Hanzl, Agfa Healthcare
  60. Alexander Schörkhuber, Agfa Healthcare
  61. Raphael Kou, Agfa Healthcare
  62. Mira Schneider, Agfa Healthcare
  63. Sanjit Roopra, Agfa Healthcare
  64. Jakob Spörk, Agfa Healthcare
  65. Roman Weissgärber
  66. Peter Schleinzer, IBM
  67. Oliver Filz, brainment
  68. Xiaojie Ding, TU Wien
  69. Roland Germ, ANECON
  70. Martin Ehrnhoefer
  71. Lukas Forster
  72. Marcus Gegenbauer
  73. Siegfried Göschl
  74. Metin Kisa
  75. Kilian Matt
  76. Maximilian Weißböck