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(Who Is Attending)
(Who Is Attending)
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=== Who Is Attending ===
=== Who Is Attending ===
Yves YANG [yves(dot)yang(at)soyatec(dot)com] from [ Soyatec]
Yves YANG from [ Soyatec]

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At Nuxeo World
Théâtre des variétés
7 boulevard Montmatre
75002 Paris, France


20 October 2011


  • Roland Benedetti (rbenedetti at nuxeo dot com)


Laurent Doguin & Roland Benedetti: - Short presentation of the Eclipse Apricot Project & the Eclipse base Nuxeo IDE

Yves YANG - New design tool for BPMN2 in Open Source

Who Is Attending

Yves YANG from Soyatec

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