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Eclipse DemoCamps November 2011/Bonn

Eclipse DemoCamp Old.jpg What is an Eclipse DemoCamp?


Collegium Leoninum Bonn, up to 50 participants

When traveling by car, you'd better use which is open 24h.

Date and Time

Monday, November 7th, 2011, 18:15


This Demo Camp will be sponsored by itemis AG, Eclipse strategic member and the leading company for model-driven software development.

Itemis pos-2.JPG

If your company is willing to co-sponsor this event, please contact Matthias Gutheil.


Matthias Gutheil, itemis AG


Our time constraints don't allow more than 8 presentations.

  • Marc Teufel - Rich Clients mit e4, Übersicht und Einstieg
  • Moritz Eysholdt, Xbase - closing the generation gap
  • Karsten Thoms, Spray – a quick way to create Graphiti
  • Maximilian Kögel, EMFStore - a model repository for EMF
  • Thorsten Kamann , Eclipse und Mylyn - Integration des Entwickler-BackOffice
  • Ed Merks, Xcore: Ecore Meets Xtext
  • Daniel Speicher, Jan Nonnen - Cultivating Code Quality with Cultivate
  • Günter Kniesel - Easy Java Code Analysis and Improvement with JTransformer

Who Is Attending

If you plan on attending please add your name and company to the list below. If you have any trouble with the wiki, just send an email to Matthias Gutheil.

  1. Matthias Gutheil, itemis AG
  2. Marc Teufel, hama GmbH & Co KG
  3. Moritz Eysholdt, itemis AG
  4. Karsten Thoms, itemis AG
  5. Jan Friderici, itemis AG
  6. Vadim Filippov, unitb consulting GmbH
  7. Maximilian Kögel, EclipseSource
  8. Thorsten Kamann , itemis AG
  9. Ed Merks, itemis AG
  10. Wolfgang George, itemis AG
  11. Jan Nonnen, Uni Bonn
  12. Paul Imhoff, Uni Bonn
  13. Falko Riemenschneider, itemis AG
  14. Christopher Ezell
  15. Bastian Hafer, Uni Bonn
  16. Günter Kniesel, Uni Bonn
  17. Tobias Rho, Uni Bonn
  18. Daniel Speicher, Uni Bonn
  19. Patrick Breucking, T-Systems
  20. Federico Carbonetti, INFORM GmbH
  21. Carsten König, DGLR e.V.
  22. Matthias Hanns, digitales multimedia zentrum
  23. Christian Günther, IP Labs GmbH
  24. Uwe Ritzmann, DPDHL IT Services
  25. Valentin von Seggern, Deutsche Telekom AG
  26. Patricia Erdelen
  27. Ulrich Lübke, Scopevisio AG
  28. Armin Lütkenhaus
  29. Alexander von Hedenström, European IT Consultancy EITCO GmbH
  30. Thomas Wellen, European IT Consultancy EITCO GmbH
  31. Andre Schmidt, Swiss Post Solutions GmbH
  32. Monique Jakobi, Jakobi Consulting
  33. Ishat Aliev, Uni Bonn
  34. Fabian Noth, Uni Bonn
  35. Andreas Becker, Uni Bonn
  36. Andri Bremm, Uni Bonn
  37. Jörg Meister, Freiberufler

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